DESARC home improvements has provided services since 1988 with a 100% strike-rate in successfull delivery of high quality finishes at good honest prices. Operating on low overhead cost we manage to deliver to customers desireable outcomes in projects much sooner. We respect the rising cost of present day materials, consider and protect our clients against over expenditure during all project stages.

Desarc is more than just an accessible home maintenance help service. We also make luxury customized stand alone items to fit in and arround your home such as ..   garden path lamp posts (old or contemporary styles), pet houses, modular extensions to styled living space storage/shelving compositions.

providing services include: doors/windows repair/replace internal/external, 

              door locks/entrance/passage/privacy set handles,

              pvc/timber architrave/skirting/reliefs old and contemporary style

              replacement or repair, shower bay & screen installations, baths,

              sinks, troughs, inside to outside ducting @ clothes dryers and non

              reciprocal stove top range hoods (canopies)

              combustion wood heater & styled base installation,

              insulation walls/ceiling (polyester only available)

              cabinets repair/removal/installation/alteration, custom shelving

              manufacture and installation, water leaks, guttering,

              roof cladding (steel company profiles),

              roof tiling (minor repair/replacement only), locate and stop roof leaks,

              waterproofing, tiling bathroom/kitchen/laundry/outdoor area,

              under finished floor heating, paved or concrete pathways, garden

              retainer walls, washing line installations (wall mounted or stand alone),

              vented sub-floor access doors, timber decks and podiums,

              ballustrades, stairs, handrails, gates steel/timber repair/construct,

              picket/paling/custom fence repair/construct,

              letterbox instalation (timber/steel/brick), garden arches, gates, pergola

              construction for outdoor sitting areas.

              Small repairs are welcomed and respected as they can lead to

              extensive damage at a later date through corrosion,

              water penetration, structural weakening support, thus handled

              in advance via lower cost remedial servicing eliminates

              immediate worry and concern, and stops clients paying higher

              repair costs in future for both materials and labour.





CUSTOM PET HOUSES : rather expensive luxury items,

however, if the standard

run of the mill plastic or wire

domicile is not

acceptible to

your pet, then

we can help


and compose

it for you.


Add warmth &

classic style to

your garden paths

with a variety of contemporary

or earlier period posts.

More than a garden



Add flair to your room wih VERY STYLISH wall niches & add soft lighting. Also usefull in small areas to create a clever illusion of being more open spaced rather than closed in tight.




Professional Home Improvement Services