DESARC home improvement services offer a broad range of tradeskills to utilise for the efficient repairs or upgrades to your home and property.



If you have a wall or ceiling sheet that requires replacing due to water damage or impact, or simply a wall that requires a plaster finish of high standard in us  62 443010


If you have a faulty powerpoint or light fixture that do not operate  by either not switching, flickering, or emmiting excessive us 62 443010  


Have your sights set on a new style door or lock and handle? Need someone skilled to install?

Or someone to provide a built in cupboard as part of the room? us 62 443010


Want a cleanup and a high quality fresh repaint,perhaps a colour change to surfaces inside and arround your home.

High or low, our painters have the tools and skills to provide your home with the highest quality us 62 443010


New style toilet to install? Losing water through a faulty toilet cistern inlet valve? Plumbing within cupboards depositing water resulting in damage to shelving. Moisture dripping noise within wall?.... call us 62 443010


You have a classic sliding sash timber frame window, you want it to function and look as new?

Perhaps you want to replace the old with new contemporary styles....... call us 62 443010




Professional Home Improvement Services